Our Valuable Projects In AR/VR

AR and VR provides immersive experience of technology. It merges the unreal graphical world with physical world, Which applicable to vast sectors such as aviation, health care, hospitality and travel, education etc.

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Projects in AR / VR

Mythri - AR Application

Mythri is a learning app for use students in classroom. This will replace the books and traditional way of learning. Makes the learning more interactive and engaging. Augmented reality is beneficial for acquiring more practical skills. It will recreate a model of an actual classroom environment.

Furniture app - AR Application

Use AR furniture app to choose a right product that fit in your space. It allows you place and arrange the furniture products virtually based on actual room size. This app will eliminate the product returns and uncertainty. Replacement or return of product cost time and money.

Magic book - AR Application

Magic book is an augmented reality application to learn the alphabets more interactive way. This application can change the way children learn alphabets with technology.it supports 3D models and favourite cartoon characters, which makes the learning process easy and fun.

Story time - AR Application

Too busy with work, to read stories for your kids? Story time, is our AR application, that lets kids enjoy stories through the use of AR technology. Through this app, kids can watch as these stories unfold, as if they were watching cartoons, making for a fun and enjoyable experience.

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